Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

El Mamito USMC

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The entry fee at San Felipe in a month or so is $2410, $2610 if you don’t pay by their deadline. On the flip side, VORRA is holding a race in Hawthorne, NV the week prior where the Pro/Expert entry fee is $225. For that price, you get to race 4x55 mile laps coming out to 220 miles (San Felipe is 280 miles). You’ll race 60 less miles, but you’ll also save $2185 in the entry fee alone. I’m sure words can be had with VORRA to squeeze one more lap out for an increase in the entry fee, which I’m sure wouldn’t go up very much.
or even look at the LEGACY events, cheaper and very well organized. the cost of Score is way to much for regular folks and many other organizations are way more accessible and still good racing.