Limited Speed Starts


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This year´s B1K had a combination full speed start and a speed limit of 37 MPH getting out of Ensenada.
This comes after the unfortunate fatal accident in this years Baja 500 we all know about.

I was spectating the start, and the launch for TT´s was full blast for the first corner and immediate straight after.
There was only a 3 foot concrete barrier at the first corner separating the crowd from the on-coming trucks at full speed. My observation is: What good is the limited speed section AFTER a full blast start if crowds are un-protected from a driver losing / doing a barrel roll off the first corner? There was a couple of scary moments where certain TT´s cut it too close for comfort. SCORE, Why not put a double barrier and a tall catch fence to separate the crowds from the incoming missiles on that tiny speed start? I understand the show part of the event, but you guys are playing with fire. When will a properly designed launching start be implemented? Why are you mixing vendors, crowds and 6000 pound high speed trucks in the same unprotected stretch? Why not install bleachers and concrete barriers/catch fences to have a properly controled high speed start if you want to have an exciting start?

One more "accident" and you will "kill" the in-town starts.

I think there is a lot of room for improvement on safety here, not justa a band aid solution for a potentially horrible outcome.