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Lincoln 155 MIG Welder Questions



I am considering an immediate purchase of a Lincoln 155 MIG welder.

I noticed that Lincoln is no longer selling this unit. Just the 100, 135 and 175 in this range.

Any clues why?



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I doubt that there were any problems with that unit. Lincoln, Miller and others make consolidations and small changes to their product line every couple of years. It is probably part of a gimick to make people want the latest and greatest with all the new gee wiz features. If it's a good deal and it will serve your needs, buy it. If it is border line on capacity for your needs, give serious consideration to a bigger machine. But there is generally nothing wrong with used welders.

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i beleive the 155 used to sell for around $500 new. Now when you call up Lincoln they suggest you get the new replacement model which costs $850. This has a bunch of other 'useful' features acc to Lincoln. But like BradM suggested - is a way for the compnay to increase selling price.
I have friends who use the 155 - it is an excellent machine.

my 2cents

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Jerry, the 200a indeed looks good! A lot more features and capacity for another $250-300.

Tell me what you like the most about this box.


Jerry Zaiden

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We have 2 Lincoln 250's. We bought a 200 after the Lincoln Rep told us about it. We would have never bought the 250's if we had known about the 200's. The Welder works great on 1/2" on down. The Duty cycle is great and the power is awesome. The Spool drive is massive. We had 3 Miller 185's and 1 Miller Vintage 250 befor we switched to Lincoln. Go Lincoln 200 al the way.


Excellent! Thanks..

Now it's time to shop around for the best price.



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lincoln are the way to go. I bought a their power mig 200 and I love it. Remember to check the different duty cycles that what make the cost go up so much. And think to the future about what you want to be able to do with the machine. Why buy a cheaper one for 200 bucks less when you will need to weld thicker things down the road that the machine wont be able to handle. Buy big and only buy once. I dont know how good of a deal I got, I thought it was pretty good. I paid $1175, just the machine and a free roll of wire.



Krittro Campbell
Theres a guy named Scott that sells welding supplies to Kreg at DRE and he told me that he would match anybodies price. I will look for his card and let you know.


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We have been using the 155 for about 2 years now and haven't had a problem. It's great because it's a small unit (portable) and will accomplish almost everything we need, especially in the pits or out on the course. If you get it make sure to get the conversion piece that allows it to hold a 10lb. spool of wire, it only costs around $10. It's a great welder for the price.


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Is the Millermatic 210 a good MIG welder for occasional backyard type stuff, for things like welding shock mounts and other tubing related items? At first I thought about getting a 175, but then I thought if I'm going to buy one, I might as well spend a little more now for one with higher amps and duty cycle and hope it will last me forever.
my friend has the 210 welder and hasnt had any problems with it, he has built some suspensions with it, shock hoops, and nothin has had any problems. I personally have the 250, and i love it, no problems whatsoever with it. And if u pick the right one, it will last u forever as long as u take care of it.


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I bought a 175 a couple years ago through www.welders-direct.com for $630 shipped to my door no tax & no shipping charges, and I bought the cyl for about $165 filled-I didn;t shop around for that. It gave me the most bang for my buck & I'll rarely, if ever, need a larger welder.


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you are talking about scott mcdonald- hell of a cool guy. excellent source, especially those times when everyone else is closed, and you need supplies.