lincoln lockers


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just curious on what you guys think about them i just did it to my toyota and it works great and holds up well. just as long as it never touches the street!!


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i'm doing it as soon as i get the time. to my daily driver... i hate open diffs and lockers are expensive. Sure tires wear faster, can't u-turn, and yota axles in a spooled diff like to break, but what the hell. traction is key.



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I Miller locked my rear-end on my Sonono and it was great. My 2WD could "krawl" through cracks and stuff. Didn't care what it handled like on the street but it did some major hoppin' and screechin. After one too many powerslides around corners, my driver's-side axle decided to de-spline. At least I know my fabricator can weld stuff stronger than the rest of the driveline, hehe.

If you have a stronger rear end than I do, go for it. The truck will become super-predictable and you will be able to slide all day long in it. That's another thing, it will make the truck over-steer a lot under power which I absolutely love.


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yea its great yesterday i was doing wide ass 35mph dounuts Ican pitch it sideways and pull a u-turn within 15 feet as long as i am on the dirt:)


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So where would you go about having someone do this work. I am thinking about doing it to the rear end in my toyota now and then use it as a back up after I get my new rear end. Went to a shop that I know does awesome welding and he didn't want to touch it.

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You'll be hard pressed to find a smart shop that will do this. Liability liability liability. With that said, don't look at high buck shops - you need a place like Bubba's Barnyard Differential Service to do this. Try flashing cash and telling them you don't need no warranty and don't need no receipt. I bet you could find an RDC member with a welder who might do it for a 12-pack.

The budget rock crawler guys are all into this... if you are local to OC or the IE let me know - I've got friends that weld these things up all the time.



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My buddy welded up his Toyota and has not had any issues with breaking it yet. I remember his saying that he also added chain to the case too. But, I have to confirm! If done correctly, it is definitely cheaper than get a locker.



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hey tyson i will do it for you I just be pre pared with some type of back up if it decides to brake depending on what breaks? See the problem with welding up the spider gears is that there is alot of stress put on them when it is on the street> the dirt is very for giving and allows for some play. I not saying that i wouldn't do it for a street driver but what the hell lets go for it cause anything is better than one-tire fire


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Cool cool, well this is going to eventually be the back up diff for my Toyota. and that thing is no longer a street truck, in fact I am hoping to be done with it by February so that I can start racing in MDR.

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