LiquidAider - RDC discount is back! Push wireless button - drink water.


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LiquidAider has reactivated the RDC discount in anticipation of the Legacy Alamo to Pahrump race.
Discount code: RDC20 - save $20 and free USA shipping.

You need hydration. Make it easy by pushing a WIRELESS BUTTON and drink water from a nozzle. Not a toy, not a gimmick. Why complicate things? This is simple to install and simpler to use. No LiquidAider system can interfere with any other LiquidAider or electronics and sensitive equipment. Fully tested and certified by FCC, CE, RoHS, and IC. Batteries are UN3481 tested and certified.

Any helmet, any hydration bladder - used worldwide by all forms of racing and motorsports.
Internal button battery will last months. Rechargeable pump battery will pump up to 10 gallons between charges!

Motos - everything is included. Button can be paired to all your riders.
Autos, trucks, UTV - buy helmet kits for your spare drivers/navigators. Plus see our button mount for steering wheels and roll cages.

Website top link shows Impact and Pyrotect helmet installs.

LiquidAider push button hydration system
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