List of next generation drivers, Parker and beyond!

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Jan 30, 2005
Jerome, Idaho
The 2019 Parker 425 entry list really caught my eye! See below... It's a list of entries with dads, moms, sons, daughters!

We all know this is a "family" sport, but I have never seen a list with so many 2nd and even 3rd generation racers on it! In many cases, these youngsters are even driver of record, while the "pops" take the backup role. I'm sure I missed some, due to step kids/different last names, etc...

In addition to this list we know RG's kid Max just raced Parker in a SxS and so did Steve Oliges' kid. Mike Coleman's youngest Mitchell took the wheel and the checkered flag in San Felipe last year (Class 7). There is going to be some fierce competition coming up the ranks! I guess I better get my kid some seat time!

Also, our little sport sure has grown geographically speaking... So many entries from places like WA, CO, UT, B.C., etc. Parker sure draws 'em in... I personally think families feel like "stateside" racing is safer so they bring the whole dang family out to this one.

Pick your favorite family! I'm digging the name "Thor" but my hats off to the 5 "Simonsons" entered in two cars from Washington. Then again... the 14 year-old from Tx! Wow.

1013 A J Martin (46) Orange, CA
Mark Martin (48) Norco, CA
Tyler Martin (24) Norco, CA
Troy Martin (18) Madisonville, TN

1020 Conner Mcmullen (18) Phoenix, AZ
Kevin Mcmullen (46) Phoenix, AZ
Jeneka Jenkins (38) Phoenix,
AZ Jeremy Aikins (42) Peoria, AZ

1031 Craig Curtis (26) Wildomar, CA
Jack Curtis (59) Wildomar, CA
Broc Dudley (25) Canyon Lake, CA
Triston Boose (18) Wildomar, CA

1038 Michael Lapaglia (30) Murrieta, CA
Mike Lapaglia Sr (58) Murrieta, CA
Nick Lapaglia (26) Murrietta, CA
Anthony Lapaglia (28) Murrieta, CA

1040 John Amort (22) Tustin, CA
Dylan Elliott (25) Orange, CA
Mason Elliott (34) Anaheim, CA
Steve Elliott (53) Anaheim, CA

1060 Steve Scott (59) Highland, UT
Kyle Scott (36) Gilbert, AZ
Derek Fischer (38) Salt Lake City, UT
Dustin Miller (40) Salt Lake City, UT

1068 Cody Reid (26) Apple Valley, CA
Rob Maccachren (53) Las Vegas, NV
Cayden Maccachren (16) Las Vegas, NV

1078 Jared Sallenbach (26) Huntington Beach, CA
Andrew Sallenbach (24) Huntington Beach, CA
Bill Sallenbach (58) Huntington Beach, CA

1093 Tanner James (20) Dareton, NS
Aaron James (49) Dareton, NS

1097 Hank Winter (57) Tucson, AZ
Jeff Huebner (55) Tucson, AZ
Joey Martin (53) Tucson, AZ
Dustin Winter (22) Tuscon, AZ

2050 Christy Sizelove (49) Oak Hils,
CA Jimmy Sizelove (48) Oak Hills,
CA Zach Sizelove (24) Oak Hills, CA

2052 Tom Scaggs (53) Acton, CA
Thomas . Scaggs (24) Acton, CA
Will Williams (54) Los Angeles, CA

3014 Kai Wilson (31) Henderson, NV
Kirk Babbington (34) Henderson, NV
David Wilson (60) Henderson, NV
Blake Olsen (25) Las Vegas, NV

5028 Chris Schweers (19) Yorba Linda, CA
Jon Schweers (56) Yorba Linda, CA

5095 Travis Chase (39) La Crescenta, CA
Errol Hamlin (32) Saniad, CA
Don Chase (65) La Crescenta, CA

6004 Wyatt Mcmurray (60) Vernon,
R Jonathon Mcmurray (34) Vernon, BC
Authur Condin (44) Redwater, AB
Murray Condin, Na

6061 Joseph Herling (17) Yucaipa, CA
Rick Herling (48) La Quinta, CA
Reyes Verdugo (55) Tehachapi, CA
Alex Muccillo (28) Yucaipa, CA

6081 Larry Schmueser Iii (26) Grand Junction, CO
Larry Schmueser Ii (58) Rifle, CO

35 Jason Voss (32) Cupertino, CA
Rich Voss (61) Cupertino, CA
Rob Mills (38) Sheridan, CA
Donny Powers (31) Morgan Hill, CA

88 Brett Sourapas (22) Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Steve Sourapas (61) Rancho Santa Fe, CA
(note: other son Christian entered with Herbst in #51)

111 (TT) Emil Downey (47) Canton, CT
Timothy Downey (37) Barkhamsted, CT
Travis Downey (41) Barkhamsted, CT
1501 James Dean (22) Santa Ana, CA
Pat Dean (50) Las Vegas, NV

1502 Cole . Barbieri (21) Ukiah, CA
Nick Barbieri (48) Ukiah, CA

1532 Cody Parkhouse (31) Long Beach, CA
Brian Parkhouse (59) Long Beach, CA
Danny Fogle (60) Palmdale, CA
Justin Herrmann (34) Vista, CA

1562 Ladd Gilbert (56) Las Vegas, NV
Sean Gilbert (32) Las Vegas, NV

1572 Dustin Grabowski (21) Alta Loma, CA
Cody Woodruff (25) Costa Mesa, CA
Neal Grabowski (49) Altaloma, CA

1583 Bill Wingerning (60) Palos Verdes, CA
Ron Rice (54) Lake Elsinore, CA
Roger Starkey Jr, (34) Burbank, CA
Roger Starkey Sr (64) Canyon Country, CA

1724 Rob Seubert (48) Colton, OR
Cliff Seubert (71) Colton, OR
Dustin Hoffman (49) Parker, AZ

3707 Robert Thomasson (29) Apple Valley, CA
Steve Thomasson (57) Apple Valley, CA

3714 Scott Dzierzanowski (51) Graham, WA
David Dzierzanowski (73) Graham, WA
Dan Rheaune (58) Fountain Hills, AZ
Daniel Bowers (59) Tacoma, WA

3722 Dan Simonson (49) Orting, WA
Mikki Simonson (49) Orting, WA
Chad Simonson (19) Orting, WA
3769 Jerry Simonson (51) Spanaway, WA
Robert T. Ammons (38) Woodland, WA
Kathy Simonson (48) Spanaway, WA Stan Pier (69) Graham, WA

7226 Al Hogan (66) Columbus, MT
Macrae Glass (48) Kingman, AZ
Eric Olsen, Red Lodge, MT
Walker Glass (20) Kingman, AZ

7281 Randy Merritt (50) Parker, AZ
RJ Merritt (22) Parker, AZ
Jake Larson (25) Parker, AZ
Chris Golding (42) Parker, AZ

7330 Chad Hall (55) Reno, NV
Austin Hall (31) Sparks, NV
Chris Woo (44) Olympic Valley, CA

6117 Troy Messer (31) Kingman, AZ
Gary Messer (55) Kingman, AZ
Kevin Sullivan (33) Tuscon, AZ
Brady Schultz (34) Kingman, AZ

6119 Joe Brain (48) Huntington Beach, CA
Thor Herbst (19) Huntington Beach, CA
Brian Hoeppner (41) Orange, CA
Chris Crampton (41) Newport Beach, CA

6122 Michael Pyle (46) Draper, UT
Connor Pyle (22) Draper, UT
Carson Pyle (15) Draper, UT

6129 Steve Restivo (49) Yoba Linda, CA
Kevin Reardon (46) Anaheim Hills, CA
Patrick L. Reardon (21) Placentia, CA
Mark Bowman (34) Yorba Linda, CA

6143 Jax Redline (14) Amarillo,
TX Shane Redline (43) Amarillo, TX

6144 Kyle Jergensen (23) Oak Hills,
CA Todd Jergensen (56) Oak Hills, CA
Travis Dodd (36) Canyon Country, CA
Jim Jergensen, Oak Hills, CA

6151 Rafael Navarro Iv (25) Temecula, CA
Rafeal Navarro Iii (50) Temecula, CA
Louie Silvas (54) Temecula, CA

6157 Trevor Harvey (37) Westminster, CO
Zac Harvey (17) Westminster, CO
Manuel Rodriguez (36) Arvada, CO
Mike Szlauko (44) Arroyo Grande, CA

6160 Jerry Herling (53) Yucaipa, CA
Jim Mcbroom (44) Temecula, CA
Shelby Herling (21) Yucaipa, CA
Jeff Huff (52) Henderson, NV

6168 Scott Kiger (50) Mount Morris, PA
Eli Kiger (19) Mount Morris,
PA Sean Bogdan (26) Rices Landing, PA

6170 Mike Mccarthy (56) Wickenburg, AZ
Robbie Mccarthy (28) Phoenix, AZ
Tracy Rubio (49) Kingman, AZ
Rd Minor (42) Kingman, AZ

6172 Cj Mcdowell (18) Clayton, CA
Charley Mcdowell (46) Clayton, CA
Brent Mann (45) Peoria, AZ

6266 Jon Largent (52) Riverside, CA
Austin Largent (24) Riverside, CA
Katelyn Largent (22) Riverside, CA

8124 Sam Wasson (23) Quincy, WA
Kyle Jones (36) Parker, AZ
James Wasson (59) Hobart, WA
Tate Broesma (44) Parker, AZ

8144 Kevin Reardon (46) Anaheim Hills, CA
Mike Reardon (30) Yorba Linda, CA
Patrick L. Reardon (21) Placentia, CA
Charlie Peltzer (51) Temecula, CA

8170 Scott Seibold (57) Grand Junction, CO
Sam Seibold (21) Grand Junction, CO