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Live video for Primm


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We are attempting to set up 2 locations on the race course that will broadcast real time video back to the start/finish area. Does anybody have access to the proper equipment for transmitting the signal? Filiming and showing the action on TV screens at the start finish should be no problem. Getting the images from remote cameras on course in real time to the start/finish is where we need help. Does anybody have experience and/or contacts? Please reply. This will be BIG.

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I have a 10 watt video transmitter and a reciever but you would have to test it to see how far it would talk.

Bruce, that would be cool if it does work out. I know you metioned the idea to me in Baja, but honestly that is beyond me. I think Gabe might be that man for this one, or to find out if it is possible or worth the cost.

On another note, I was talking with Klaus and I think the video will be pretty short unless we can come up with allot of people with cameras. So if you would like, I think I might be able to edit in some of our 7s footage from previous races. I don't know how far back you would want to go, but it could be cool, especially stuff from Laughlin.


Gabe Lara

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Isn't there a "pit crew competition" planned as well? We'd certainly get some good footage there.
We could also shoot a quick intro for all of the drivers and their vehicles A great chance for them to plug their sponsors and team, and give a bio about themselves and their race vehicles.

Curtis, have you designed any title stuff yet?

I am looking into the X-mitter, as well. 3 phone calls so far....
Gabe, check your private messages

I like your idea with the pit crew comp. and interviewing drivers etc.. we'll have to do that for sure.

For titling, I can do some cool looking stuff right now, but by then I should be able to work for on the newest Star Wars film with Lucas :) (actually probably not, but wouldn't that be cool)



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Right on Frank! We are thinking about just after the railroad under crossing and just before main pit. I am guessing 1-3 miles. We are going to test our new engine in Barstow soon, perhaps we could run a test then? This is going to set the off road world on it's ear! How far do you think your 10 watts will go? I can't wait to see what we can come up with. The off road brother hood is awesome! Let's make this work. Any other suggestions, bring it on...



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i have no skills or much of anything to contrbute to this, but if i can help out in any way, let me know. pretty much willing to do anything but give up large sums of cash.. :)


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I have had much conversation (email) with username Bob_Sheaves on this issue. I would suggest anyone wanting to take the remote video idea futher, contact him. I did find a color video + sound transmitter that was rated for 15 miles and was around $700. It would not work for a moving platform (helicopter), but did work. The salesman I talked to said he saw one system that was broadcasting for 18 miles (used as a security camera). I will try to find the links to the product in the next day or two. If anyone would like to discuss this face to face, I would suggest we all meet at the Lucerne race.

Gabe Lara

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That sounds like a great idea, Tim.
Let me know of the venddor that you're speaking of for the x-mitter.
Bruce, your thoughts on all of us meeting?

If not @ Lucerne, then another time before the race.


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Hey guys, I found the link. <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.omnivisiononline.com/txrx.htm>Click Here</A> and scroll down to the second item. The first is only good for 600'. The second is the one I had in mind. The 3rd is the same as the second, but is waterproof for permanent installations. It is only $599

BELOW: The text from the thing. It doesn't mention audio, but I think the salesman did say it did that too.

Commercial Grade 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter

The 2.4GHz transmitter will transmit the video signal to a receiver that connects to the video input jack of your monitor or recorder. The Commercial Grade Transmitter is capable of transmitting live video up to 15 miles, line of sight, without the use of high gain antennas. When using the Commercial Grade Transmitter and line of sight is not possible you can expect to achieve up to 3000 feet depending on the number and type of walls (objects) you are transmitting through. The transmitter is FCC Part 90 and Industry Canada Certified.
Transmitter Specifications:

Transmitting Frequency 2.450 GHz – 2.483 GHz
Standard Range 15 miles line of sight range
Antenna 6dB antenna
Video Format NTSC or PAL
RF Output 100mW
Video Input RCA jack 1 Vp-p

Oper. Temperature 40 degrees to 95 degrees F
Power Source 12VDC power adapter
Dimensions 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"

Basic System Includes: Commercial Grade 2.4GHz Transmitter in ABS housing with built-in 6dB antenna, 4 Channel Receiver with 6dB antenna, 12VDC Power adapters, and RCA Cable for output to TV or VCR.

Model #: MSRP:
24TXRXUL: $599.00

Hope this helps.

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That is cool. I didn't know they made something like that at the price.

But I have one comment. Do you really think it will be worth it at a race like this? How many laps is Primm? I have never been there. If it is multiple laps then I can see it being more worth it, but if it is only one, you are only going to be able to broadcast footage in the morning for one spot up to 15 miles from the starting line. Might not be worth the money for the small amount of coverage that can be broadcasted. Unless of course I am wrong and there is multiple laps.
I can see this being very cool at the Laughlin race. I say if not Primm, we should go for it there. Or both maybe....

just my thoughts...



Its worth it from the standpoint that soon or later it will happen.
This is the early stages and we need to be the pioneers about it if the promotor doesn't do it.

Just like people get together in a coalition for their class and fight for their very own class and benefits perhaps theracer should take the media aspect into their own hands. I am thumbs up on this....doesn't matter how many people will watch in at the startline.. its an experiment and we will learn from it..so maybe one day we will have the huge 50ft screen in laughlin....


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Klaus is seeing the bigger picture (no pun intended). This is not just about the Primm. In fact, SCORE could even get quite uncool about people broadcasting (even closed circuit) their race without serious, legal permission.

The possiblilities are huge. Remember, we have only been discussing LIVE video. There are some talented people (in the thread!) who have done some great post-production work. Before we go too far, the legal aspects need to be addressed, rights, royalties, permissions, etc. I am NOT a lawyer, but there is a lot to think about. The technology is here. Webcasting, broadcasting, closed circuit on-site. I am not an entreprenuer, but if done right, this could be big.

Remember too that the people who come to our races are not normal! They have demonstrated that they have a higher than normal attention span. Most of America has demonstrated that a lap around Talledega is about as long as they can concentrate. This may be one reason why our sport has never really taken-off; aside from short course (SODA, CORR). Maybe being able to see more of the course, more people would enjoy it. I think Shoemaker has done an OK job, but they are not trying to show the WHOLE sport. 1's, 10's, and TT's are all great and I like to see them, but they are only a PART of what the sport is about. Kenneth Montijo brought over the OuchProductions video of the CODE San Felipe race the other day. They showed every car. Some music and intelligent voice over would have gone a long way, but it was still watchable.

I guess if we are really interested in pursuing this further, we need to get together. I have done a lot of leg work, and would be happy to share everything I have found out. I'll be a little busy on Saturday (at Lucerne) but maybe Sunday we could all meet. Count me in.


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Wow. This is getting big. Big picture is HUGE like Tim said. Tim also hit on somethig we are now working on - WEB CAST! That's right, watch live racing video from your computer anywhere in the world. We will have issues to resolve like how to get an ISDN or T1 line and then there is always the money thing. All it takes is vision, drive, and hard work. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN GUYS. DO NOT STAND BY AND WATCH. THROW DOWN ON IT!


Gabe Lara

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I think with all of our efforts and pooling our resources, we could make this shootout HUGE!
Of course there is always the bigger picture, but that can be addressed at a later date...We have to start a bit smaller first, as to be better prepared, and get the workflow through.

Bruce, can you check with SCORE in the legal aspect of shooting this? Of course if we plan to make any $$ off this, we'll have to probably pay a "fee" to the organization? If we need to bring in an attorney, I know a few that may do some work for us "pro-bono".

Unfortunately, alot of the gear I've been looking into is high dollar stuff....Bigtime broadcast, and I don't think it would be too cool if one of the ABC News trucks turns up missing that weekend... ; )

I'm already going to p/u a new camera for this shoot, and if we decide to go with the "remote" deal, I'm good for a reciever/ x-mitter kit. No audio? No problem, we'll just put some music to it in post.
And if we do it live, perhaps tuning into their race freq. on a base radio and giving a listen in? just a thought.....

We should all do a face to face......Your thoughts guys?

And its guys like Gary that we'll appreciate them helping out. Can never have too many bodies giving a hand.


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Just remember the "Line of sight" limitations. If you are in a valley or blocked by some other obstruction, the distance you can transmit from could be cut down drastically. I'm not familiar with this piece of equipment, so I can't say what it could do in those conditions. Maybe the salesman Tim talked to would be willing to set up a demo in the desert if he thought he had a realistic chance of selling a couple of them. Just a thought.