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Fines Double Racing chief mechanic Ryan Best is working on the final touches for the race and pre run Thundercats. Everyone is very excited to get down south and defend our win at the San Felipe 250 in pro utility quad. We want to welcome Fluidyne Radiators to our outstanding team of current partners. The new Fluidyne radiator will help the Huge v-twin of the Thundercat run cool in the 430 mile mexican race.
The Fines Double racing team will be visiting La Mission Orphanage in Ensenada to deliver clothing and toys that have been collected throughout the past months.Any extra clothing, toys and/or school supplies that you may have and want to donate please give us a call. Thanks to Ridgway Schools for there generous donations of all the unclaimed lost and found clothes.

Pit captains Phil Heck and Alex Waters are returning from Utah to help during the race and 10 days of pre run. Doug Heyduk from Wicked Gravity Video will accompany us to capture all the pre run carnage and fun. If you haven't seen his video of the 250 check it out at www.finesdoubleracing.com . Monday June 1st our good friend Jeff Hensen and a few camera crews will join us for the rest of the pre run and race. They are filming a new TV show for Fox Sports featuring Fines Double Racing and the Arctic Cat. I will let you know the air date when it is announced.
Ron Rutherford, Richard Schwarten, Amy, Jessica, Kaitlyn and Blake Rutherford will arrive on Thursday the 4th just in time for the visit to La Mission. The stuff that we take for granted will be appreciated so much by the kids at La Mission. Friday, The Baja vets and great chase team of Craft Motorsports will arrive in country. Ron and Tom Craft's house in Ensenada will be the Headquarters for this race (thanks Ron). Ryan Best flies in on Friday in typical rock star fashion. Baja Pits has a line up of 10 pitstops ready to aid us if needed.
The Greenball Dirt commander tires that we used to pre run the 250 worked great and are the new tires of Fines Double Racing. We hope to complete the race with out any flats, but still we will have almost 40 spare wheels spread over this 430 mile course. Thank you Kevin and Green Ball Tire.(GBC)
Our number for this race is 201A and you can view our progress in real time at www.racetheworld.net . Thanks to Pam and Tom Demo who once again will watch over us from Colorado on the computer, relaying to the five chase trucks our exact location and speed via satellite phones. All thru the night they stay up keeping every one informed.
Thank you to everyone who helped out and thanks to our generous sponsors. ARCTIC CAT, Rox, Green Ball Tires, Fluidyne Radiators, Elka, RTT Stabilizers, Vision X Lighting, Douglas Wheels, Motion Pro, SPEEDWERX, ,planetmoto .com, Spider Grips, Craft Motorsports, Montrose Signs, Krey Benefit Solutions, Standard Tire and Service Center of Montrose, Lizard Head Log Homes, TNT Painting and Reid Rutherford Plumbing and Heating.


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Nice release Reid.....ready to kick butt and take home the win. I think it is great you are doing this for the mexico community...


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Reid, im happy to be invited on your trip to the orphanage, il be bringing some donations as well.
Since you are the leader of this special operation, may i suggest we enjoy a meal @ the famous La Fonda?