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Long time enthusiast, first build.


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Hey guys, I know I've browsed this forum a number of times and have always been fascinated with offroading. I'm getting ready to start my first mild build and I thought coming here and getting acquainted with everything might help quite a bit. I have little to no full-size truck fabrication experience but I am an engineer and familiar with how things need to be built and the process needed to get there. I've got full access to a tubing bender and notcher and lift, along with a tig welder and various other shop tools. I guess the first question I have, is there a place to have a build thread here? I seem to only be able to find more specific threads dealing with parts of the vehicle...

jon coleman

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shop section has build threads' show& tell.but you gotta take Lottsa pictures, thats why we like shop, pictures, rDc is semi illiterates