Long time listener first time caller


Let's try this again since the first thread didn't seem to work

Hello everyone,
I have spent a lot of time on here reading and researching, well I finally got my own desert truck and figured it was a good time to create an account.

I got myself a 94 Toyota fully caged to SCORE spec (or so I'm told), it had 23" of travel in the front with race runner coilovers, and 20" of travel in the rear with deavers and king bypasses.

Since I've got it I've been fixing things that need it and I'm pretty sure whoever did the wiring was a moron, but most of it is sorted, so much so I've been taking it out on BLM and running it through it's paves to see how everything is working

So on that note is there anything I can do about the shackles on the deavers hitting the frame?

Here are some pics of the truck