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My name is Curtis and I am 25 and I have lived in Lucerne Valley for about 15 years. No, I am not a hillbilly, nor am I married to my cousin or anything like that. I actually a pretty normal guy. Living in the desert for so long, I have had no choice but to get into offroad racing. I mean, what else is there to do in Lucerne Valley?!? I am partners in an Internet advertising company called xposedseo we can be found at http://www.xposedseo.com. We do web design, advertising and optimization for small to medium businesses. We also offer printing, vinyl, and screen printing. We are currently working with Jefferies Racing on building a website and some video coverage too. We are seriously thinking about getting a Jefferies Trophy truck built soon, so watch for us... I personally am a big fan of the C1 lites and I am considering one for a personal car. Race Dezert is a great way of staying in touch with what's going on in the great sport of desert racing.


ps: we also use www.spotlightwebads.com for marketing purposes. So if you see any trucks running that sticker, that's us too.