Longer brake lines for rear


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I need a longer rear brake line(perferably braided) for my Toy. I was thinking id just go to Earls and have em make me one to my specs. Any other ideas?

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You might be able to get longer ones from the dealer.

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Check with any good performance shop. Ask for Bonaco brake line kits. They are available ready to go, end to end, and in various lengths. They should do th trick.

Lots of street rods, customs and performance sport trucks utilize the Bonaco kits.

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I know this is a far drive for ya but, G&J aircraft in Ontario (909-986-6534) has stock type ends for Yota's, so you can use the exhisting frame clips, no adapters. Made as long as you need. Made all 3 of mine for under $50 too.

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got mine made at a place called TMR (torino motor racing) in the city of orange, around the corner from the old baja shop location off of batavia. about $20, made in 10 minutes while i waited. orange-oceanside isn't a short drive, but if you're in the area.....


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try Industrial Liquidators in Kearny Mesa, they have many premade Earl's lines already made as well as can make any length with diffrent ends for any make vehicle.


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idustrial liquidators is where i got mine at. It was 50 bucks for 2 2foot brake lines for the front and the lady made them right there and then. and they went right up to the stock brakes lines


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FWIW I don't like the premade hoses. They have a very small, unsupported nipple btwn the crimp sleave and the fitting. I have seen several break there. If you order ready-mades with the unique fittings needed so that you don't have to buy adapters, then when you break a hose end off you're screwed. If you buy the adapters & hoses with normal -3 ends, then when a hose end breaks off and you thot ahead & brought a screw-together hose end with you, you can easily make a field repair.


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The hoses are pretty beefy as well as the ends on the premade ones Earls sells. If your breaking end fittings(banjos, etc) then there being over extended or there being bashed in such as way as would indicate to me there not routed properly or unprotected?