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Look at this..


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wow..... time for new leafs

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Looks like you passed the critical point in the cycle by a lot....do you have properly installed bumpstops? I used to run with my overload out all the time and had a lot of offroad miles on the springs without them. You jsut have to compensate for it with, bigger bumpstops.


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naaw i didnt have bigger bumps its not really that big of deal though they were only stockers and have wanted new ones for a long time. just sucks that i cant drive it till tomorrow after i install the new springs. later but i will remember that about the overload and needing bigger bumps. thanks

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on my 94 Toyota it only came with a pack of 3 leaves (third being the overload) I took it out and I came to a similiar conclusion, a temporary fix was I just put in 2 leafs out of a buddy's national pack. That work for a while but I finally got some Nationals, the ride has been sooo much nicer with the longer leaf pack.

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