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Look out for 2 stolen Wilson Motorsports trailers....


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Just read on Facebook that the Wilson's had two of there enclosed trailers stolen last night from there shop in long beach, I'm guessing they are there "trailers unlimited " trailers. Help catch these bastards! Spread the word...


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pictures of trailers? I had one of my sand drag racers trailers stolen - I shared it on my company facebook and had half a million shares / views and one of the people that viewed it found it in tack - social media does wonders....

blue dog

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Sorry to hear this. I live just down the road and it is actually a very safe neighborhood i thought. Being on the edge of signal hill and there cops being everywhere and all. The area where the shop is, is pretty unpopulated at night though. Did they cut the locks on the gate to get in the yard ? Keeping my eyes out for you guys, hope you get the trailers back in tact and you get to serve your own justice on the thieves.