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Look who's testing in Parker.


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Also I forgot to mention there was a f250 with AGM on the side with it.

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Interesting, although Armin has nothing to do with AGM, his co-driver does and is very knowledgeable...

Dakar is in the southern hemisphere, so January is summer during the race, makes sense they would "winter" test in Parker during the heat to test the vehicle.


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They came to Parker to test tires.... Bryan / AGM helping coordinate the testing effort.
Well there's the answer! Still seems like a lot of money & effort for a tire test, but then again Peugeot has the money!

On a side note, I'd heard that Potts was building a Kenworth 6X6 like Robby's Freightniner, for a possible Dakar effort. No idea when, or what vehicle they might race with? Anyone got info on this?


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any testing footage?


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Back testing again.