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Looking for a navigator for rage at the river

Zac Reish

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Hi everyone:

I'm looking for a navigator. I've been fortunate in the last few years to have Steve Tyo navigate for me. but my car has a low roof and he's 6'2" and has only a couple inches between the top of his helmet and my roof and it's a potential safety issue. So, I'm looking for someone who's 6' or less and 215lbs or less as the cab is narrow as well. Having experience navigating, using gps, leadnav, mechanical skills, being physically fit/good health and being able to take a beating is very important. Mechanical skills to be able to help in the pits, and being in good health is a requirement.

I drive a competitive class 5 open Baja Bug

Rage at the river is a 2 day event so I'm open to giving 2 different people a chance.

I live in Southern Ca. Inland Empire

Feel free to post questions here or pm me.

Thanks guys and girls

punchdrunk monkey

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Great opportunity for someone.

McCredie A

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It just came to me..... Beer Salt Dave!


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If I was local still I'd even help with entry, fuel, etc. What a great opportunity for someone.


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Let me know if you need help in the pits, I'm heading up there with an Australian 10 car team and we can partner up to assist if you wish.


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Hey zac since your apparently not interested in my offer lol. Talked to my buddy Richard Sletten today at powderpuff. He’s interested. Has a lot of experience. Just a thought. Wish u the best of luck