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Looking for a ride from Vegas to Ensanada Friday


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My team is already in Baja and I have to work until Thursday. If anyone has an open seat my tail would like to occupy it please. I can pitch in for gas and or tacos!! Plus I am able to drive your vehicle if needed..... Bbrraappp!!
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Yeah wht travis said take a train to sd i can also give u a ride down on friday if u come to san diego

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Amtrak is about 10-11 hours and is just shy of $100. The Greyhound is just as long and it's about $50. You can take a direct Tufesa bus to TJ or SD for the same price that's better than the 'Hound and takes about 8 hours. People that commute between MX and Vegas use Tufesa. The depot is next to the Ashley on MLK and they stop at some properties on the Strip as well.