Looking for a shop that specializes in Toyota


Nov 22, 2021
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I read somewhere about a shop that specializes on Toyota and it was located around Ocotillo or Glamis area if Im not mistaken. I forgot the name and cant find it. They have been doing Toyotas for a long time and do engine, electrical, fab, etc.

Got an 07 FJ cruiser that is very customized (stroker kit, SC, URD EMS, long tubes,etc) its been not running good. Engine turns off when shifting from N to D or from N to R or parking. Been to a couple shops already an no one seems to be able to find whats wrong. Need someone that is very familiar with Fj cruisers/tacomas and its willing to troubleshoot (a lost art in shops nowadays). I also have custom cams that are ready to install and wish to have the same shop do all if possible.

Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!


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Nov 7, 2021
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Landers Calif
Your transmission issue should be easily rectified by a Toyota Dealer (unless it's been modified )?
Did you take it to a certified Toyota dealer sounds like a software)sensor issue? Not mechanical?

Isn't YotaMasters just a bolt on off-road accessories shop?, Just like Kartek & ORW etc..

What good is that going to do you?
I don't know them at all outside of people buying parts they sell, to put on their Toyotas, but perhaps they do professional engine building?
If they do, well that's a plus.

I had a friend, whom many years ago who built an FJ spent about $ 20,000 on the engine / exhuast and supercharger.

It's an very, very expensive proposition.

Sounds like you're committed already since you bought it you're all in hopefully you get it sorted.
Post with the issue was when you get it fixed maybe others can learn from it