Looking for a update on JOE - NORRA 1000


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While waiting to start the last stage from La Paz to Cabo there was an unfortunate accident involving Walker Evens car and a Co Driver or Driver Named Joe. While Walker pulled forward as directed, Joe was stepping out or a white class 1, " El Chucabra " I think it said... His leg was collected by Walkers passenger rear tire and slammed him down on the ground in front of the tire and rolled over the entire length of his body and completely over the helmet.

We where the team directly behind them and I was the first person to assist Joe. Another came and helped keep Joe calm and removed his helmet. We checked his vitals and found his lower leg / ankle we broke.

The last update I was able to get was he was transported to Cabo, looking for a flight to LA. They where worried he would have a stroke if they put him on a plane and that's the last we have herd..

Does anyone have a update or know who Joe is or what team he is a part of? The only Joe I see in the entries is Mike Diorio and Joe Diorio - Is this the right Joe??

It was a scary sight, Our prayers are out to him and would like a update!


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This is a message from Joe's wife a few days ago Facebook. Joe is a long time co-driver for Jesse Jones.

Yesenia Weining is with Joe Weining.
April 29 at 7:34am ·

As some of you may know Joe was run over by a vehicle while staging at the NORRA 1000 this last Thursday, thanks to the quick help from his Friends he was able to be flown to the U.S. for surgery after being stabilized in Mexico, We can’t thank enough everyone that was involved to make this happen so quickly and the fact that he was wearing his helmet, neck brace and safety gear when the accident happened safe his life.
He is now in recovery sustaining a Broken Collard Bone, Broken Talus bone /Calcaneus and above Ankle fracture, luckily when the Surgeon removed pins out ( the ones from Mexico surgery) the bones fell back into place thanks to the ligaments and others.
Nonsurgical treatment was decided since the pieces of broken bones were not longer displaced (the surgery in Mexico was huge part on this) Surgeon decided to not do surgery due to allowed less damage and allow broken bones to heal up on its own. Surgeon decided to splint to hold the bones in proper position while they heal.
Joe is strong and resilient, making a speedy recovery.


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Just got forwarded the video... and it does not look enjoyable. Happened very fast...
can’t copy and paste but is on Toto’s racing Facebook page.