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Hi all,

I have been contacted by a prospective buyer looking for one of the '88-'91 season Jeep Class 7 MJ 4 or 6 cylinder Commanche pickups. I lost track of them a LONG time ago, so I am appealling to this group to try to track one of them down. This guy doesn't want the engine or trans, but would like a roller vehicle. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Curt or Kreg, maybe?

Next question....Can someone clear up a question on BITD rules for Class 7? Copied from the BITD rulebook (2002 online version):

"Engine location & displacement

Engine must be the one delivered in the vehicle or one that is available (with the provisions listed herein) from the manufacturer / importing distributor with a maximum of six cylinders. Engine block and head(s) must have manufacturer?s stock number listed on them. Engine must be readily available to the general public in the U.S.A. Water and vapor injection systems are not permitted unless originally equipped. Engine location must be the stock mounting location as delivered from the manufacturer plus or minus 1-inch. This will be measured from the front spindle centerline to the back of the block."

As an example-does this mean that (for example) an S10 that was equipped with a 2.8L carb'ed v6 be retrofitted with a 4.3L FI engine? Also, does this mean the RFOB (Rear Face Of Block) dimension must be the same between the 2 engines (assuming it is a legal swap) or, put another way, must the trans flywheel housing on the 4.3L engine be placed in the same location as the OE 2.8L engine?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Since there is no provisio for vintage, it sounds to me like you could put the 4.3 EFI in a LUV truck if you wanted to (both sold by the same OE), so long as the RFOB was in the legal range of the stock engine's location.
That wording is very open to interpretation. They don't say which RFOB is the deciding datum and they don't require that the engine of choice installed be specifically offered by the OE in the body style of choice.

I think you could have a winnable court case for whatever so long as the RFOB is in some correct place. Right up until they invoke the "Spirit and Intent" rule. Sorry, I'm not much help.


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