Looking for insight k1500 chev

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Hello, I’m a 17 year old Alberta boy from up North and looking for as many tips as I can and I’m new to threads so really any advice I’d love to hear. But here’s my scoop, I have been in love with 2door Tahoe’s/full size blazers ever since I was in middle school. That’s all I talked about and looked at for years until my first job at 15 at Safeway, at 16 I picked up a 1997 2 door tahoe. And want to purse my interest in 4x4 and going fast. Just this summer I did the rap program and worked 350 hours towards my heavy duty apprenticeship. I have done a little bit of reading and basically what I have read is that a k1500 is the worst platform for a prerunner style build. I don’t want anything crazy but something I can have fun with. Mid travel seems to be the way I’m leaning. In people’s experience would it be easier and more cost effective to like get a 2009 chev 1500 4x4 chassis at a wrecker and cut it down to drop my body on. And if so without messing with the fenders. Because I love the straight bodyline I’m not interest in fibreglass fenders. Are there bolt on kits for those frames and which are the best ones for me ? And what about rear suspension? I would like to get rid of the leaf springs in the back weather that be 4link or trailing arm. I want something unique that will also impress my friends and anyone that sees it in the Safeway parking lot. And what I might be looking at cost wise, I think I would want to cage it, knowing the way I drive for my safety. Any advise if love to hear, thanks.


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The 88-98 platforms stock are not very desirable lifted and high performance.

If i was on a 17 uear old kids budget I would go through front end, replace the bad stuff. Make 4x4 works and eveything is mechanical sound.

From 1997 til now there has to be some wear and tear.

Crank up the torsion bars, change upper A arms to accommodate with correct shocks. Add some 32 or 33s and party.

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thanks for your advice, I think that’s a good idea. Maybe something else will catch my interest as I come into the scene that will be better to work with and cost friendly.
If you hate you torsion bars like I did on my 05 chevy, JD fab has a very affordable coilover conversion for 99-05 4x4 Tahoe. Could look around for something like that. Also 80s broncos have descent wheel travel for a 4x4 and are dirt cheap for an offroad toy.