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Looking for old Ted Nugent race pics


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anyone got any old shots of the Nuge back in the day when he played in the desert? be it a buggy, riding in a truck or in the jeep races? if so i'd appreciate it if you'd send em to me.
these will all get forwarded to nugent himself. he would like to see what we can come up with. the guy got a thrill seeing an old pic i sent him. lets see if we can get him to come back! we need some high profile players to give off road racing a shot in the arm!


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when i was race director for FAIR, i was looking through the old paperwork and he used to race with us. maybe contact somebody at the main pit next weekend, and see what they might have or remember!

race trash wiring


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You know getting Nugents voice behind the off-road crowd might not be a bad thing. The guy is everywhere and gets exposure, and is not afraid to say what he thinks. He is 'bout as subtle as a train wreck. Some may not feel he would be politically correct, but he has NEVER been considered politically correct. I love listening to his pro hunting, pro gun banter with the media left.


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I've got a hero card that is a picture of him and Marty Tripes from the MTEG series that I got when I was a kid. I believe both of them signed it. I'll look for it and have it scanned. Sorry, but I can't give you the original. I believe they were on the Auto Haus Team together, but I'll find it and get it to you.