looking for pic of Laughlin Baldwin Crash


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I'm looking for a picture of the baldwin crash in the infield at the 2002 Laughlin race if anyone has it saved to their computer. I need it for a report that I'm writing for a class.



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Here is the original pic of the Baldwin crash. I was lucky to get the shot...it was a hell of a hit. Hopefully this one is a little better quaility, I tried to clean it up a bit.



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ok- My bad, I didn't even look at the pic very good so I assumed the worst. Now that I too a second look you can clearly see the tries are still on the truck. Did they repair/salvage that truck?


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that pic is awesome .... in a fearful yet amazing way !! crazy how the bumper snapped off as it lawn darted into the ground a couple feet.


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My two spare tires are from that truck. The inner-liners said "BFG Prototype not for Highway use" -- real black helicoper-type chit


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Its cool because you can see where it nosed into the ground where the bumper is, then where the tail hit and so on.
Great pic Rory


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Thanks Anthony, I had just moved to that end of the track because everyone and there mother was taking pics by the Laughlin Leap, so I decided I try taking a couple pics down that way. not only that, a couple of the TT guys were hitting the first jump a little funny and I thought someone might get a little sideways, not ever thinking the ENDO was going to happen. After he endoed, I pulled the front bumper out of the ground and off the course, then the 2 spares. Boy, Mr. Baldwin was not a happy camper hanging upside down in the truck, but at least they were ok.


How come that some people get rear-ended at 35 mph, get hauled away in an ambulance, sue the world and receive $k,$$ and then others end-over multiple times at more then 35mph and continue to race the next day ?

Hmmmm ?


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some people are just greedy bast#$ds and think the world owes them greatly..... i hate people like that!