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Looking for pics or video of crash near RM210.

El Mamito USMC

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my friend was riding the 106A , ironmaning the 500 (solo riding) and he was run over by a class 10 car (thats what he stated) near Rm 210. he couldn't see the car that well to be able to identify it more. That is not the main issue, the issue is that the car saw what happened and that the quad was on top of him and just keep going.. he also stated that the stella didn't beep. not sure if didn't work or the car never press it.

that's pretty da m n wrong and unsportmanship in my books. hope that car didn't make it, and Karma will have its turn...


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I thought I heard the 10 car calling the weatherman when this happened? Said everyone was ok and the that rider needed his chase crew? Was this a different incident?

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J Burleson

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I hope your rider was uninjured. If this was the same incident, our car #1096 came up on this. I will let Steve comment on what he saw. But I know he was very unhappy with the other car and that it was buried in a ditch shortly afterwards.
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Hayward Racing

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Our guy is ok but that incident ruined his day.. He already lost a buttload of time assisting the Wounded Warrior rider who went down early in the race