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Looking for places that ship screen looking for a few types.


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Looking for places to order screens. Prefer some with good shipping rates. Looking for a few types. Wire screen and also preferred or holed steel like equipment has. Here's a few pictures. Looking for other types also. Trying to see what's available. It's hard to find when you looking for it.



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You can get the square wire stuff in the first pic at Home Depot. They even have different sizes.

Mark Newhan

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The screen in the first picture is a stainless steel woven mesh. You can get a square screen mesh that is welded and galvanized, as Zambo stated.

You can get the stainless perforated sheet from Competitive Metals in El Cajon. Or if you're not in the area, try any specialty metal vendor. Also try McMaster Carr.



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thanks everyone. the woven I couldn't find locally, alI could find was welded and in a finer wire. Now to see how bad the shipping is on some of these. thanks again


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I've used Online Metals, Shapiro Supply in St Louis and McMaster for what I can't get locally. McMaster has the best shipping, but they are closest to me, Shapiro is good, Online Metals is top dollar for shipping to me but they're in Seattle so it may be less expensive for you. On some orders the shipping has been as much or more than the material.