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Looking for Racing Parts Suggestions 2020 Can Am X RS BITD Rally Sportsman


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Hey all,

I'm Looking to replace/upgrade some parts on my machine in preparation to start racing BITD rally sportsman series. Here's a list of items that I would love some suggestions on who makes great, durable items for a fair price. Thanks!

1. Lower A Arms (72")- Someone Suggested Lonestar Racing, anyone running these?
2. Rear Trailing Arm Gusset Kit-Talked to Phil Blurton's shop in CA (No Limit Race Development) and they have a 5 piece gusset kit for the stock rear trailing arms and that is what Phil is using on his car.
3. Shock Tower Reinforcement- Looking at S3 Powersports
4. Bulkhead Gusset Kit-Looking at S3 Powersports

Also, I'd love to get some opinions on whether or not the following items are ones that should be considered "Must Replace" before our first race. Thanks

1. Axles
2. Radius Rods
3. Tie Rods

sand shark

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I would add the Torque Master ring gear bolt kit for the front diff on that list. Just had my ring gear bolts back out and punch a hole in my front diff.