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Looking for sand rail paddles


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Anyone have some used, inexpensive paddles for sale? Looking for 16.50 x15 with an 80/20 paddle. Not comp cut. just picked up my first sand car and these are the paddles that came with it but they are pretty wore out. I’m running a 3.3 Nissan v6 turbo and built bus box. Cant have too much bite.
Hopefully I posted this on the correct spot. Sorry new guy.


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You might try running a free "want ad" in classifieds.

You can find notice here on rdc, or search other off road sites.


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16.50s seem a bit big for a v6 with a bus box. Seems like a lot of traction to me. 14.50s might be a better choice, or even 33 Sand Blasters.

Check glamisdunes.com. Much more sand traffic there and always good deals popping up