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My name is Peter Treydte, I am the Compliance Center Manager at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, CA. We have an emissions lab that helps SEMA members complete required emissions testing on their products. Occasionally we are looking for vehicles that are needed for testing. We can offer compensation for the use of your vehicle, and often times you might receive free or discounted product from the company that is doing the testing, if you are interested. We are currently looking for the following vehicles. If you are interested in loaning your vehicle, please PM me or call me at (909) 978-6673. Thanks!

  • 2012-13 Mini Cooper with 1.6L Turbo engine

  • 2009-11 Honda Civic Si with 2.0L engine

  • 2011-12 Subaru Impreza with 2.0L engine (non-turbo)

  • 2012-14 BMW 328i/428i with 2.0L Turbo engine
  • 2012-15 Chevrolet Camaro with 3.6L engine

  • 2009-14 Honda Accord with 2.4L engine