Looking into getting into racing, 5u vs 1600?


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not sure if its just me and zacs driving style differences or something else but I noticed my 10 car get used up more then zacs 5 car. Its like the beam front end and a little shorter wheel base protects the rest from getting hammered. skid plates, heims, cracks in arms, for the extra couple MPH avg., the same shjt sure does wear alot more.


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In the next year I'm looking into purchasing a used race car and 5u vs 1600 is what I'm looking into. I'm a truck guy but that's gonna be too much money so 5u vs 1600 looks like what it could be.

I'm going to have to do my own prep to save $ and be well versed with the race vehicle.

Seems like 1600 is going to be a rougher ride but potentially faster OA.

So what sayeth ye brains here at RDC.
Get a used 1600 and start in sportsman to get used to the car and the pace , Class 5 is good but in the last few years they have progressed and gotten more expensive
get a 1600 car and ride with a good/great 1600 driver for a few thousand miles. then you will be ready to take the wheel and have good feel for what’s right. Or buy a 1600 car from an established team and get their driver to race it with you in the right seat. you will be miles ahead on feel and set up single seat would be your second purchase


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I didn't get behind the wheel of a race car until I was 25 and it happened to be a 1600 car we had mothballed in the corner of my dads garage. I raced that car from 2005 until 2009. I loved that car and am still pissed we sold it. I currently have a Jakes Fabworks car that we got as a roller and assembled the rest our selves. I absolutely love both classes. Both classes are a drivers class. They always say he who has the deep pockets win but in my opinion, not in these classes. The smiles per mile far outweigh the cost as well. I agree with previous comments that in 1600 there seem to be more secrets as far as set up and what you are running. In class 5 its just one big happy family and everyone helps you no matter what. You cant go wrong with either class but I will say I do like the fun factor of having a little extra motor and a little shorter wheel base in the class 5. It keeps you on your toes.


I have never raced a 1600 car but have raced class 10, 1, 7200, 6100,1450,TT, and now I am very new to the 5 car scene but the guys in the class are all a class act everyone is super supportive and I really like racing the class I purchased a crumco and had to do some upgrades right away it isn’t a first place car but it is a lot of fun to race and it’s still pretty competitive the driving style of a 5 car is very different with such a short whee base and the cars are very though the 5u guys push and if you want to be up front your gonna have to charge hard overall in my opinion prep bills on a class 5 car are very affordable and the cars them self are so easy to work on. My pick is 5u the people you get to race against make the racing fun and all are willing to help one another let alone help make you faster competition is great


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Something to consider, the class 5 coalition series is really a class within a class. To compete in the series you have to run a stock motor and pump gas. There is prize money and trophies for the top three cars. Otherwise you can run a modified motor in the class But not for coalition points. Both classes are considered “affordable” but there is Some difference in cost between class 5 and 1600. 1600 is less expensive but if you can afford to spend a little more class 5 has a lot to offer. More power, better ride, class money if you run the coalition series.


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In Barstow a 1600 pulls same lap times as 5u. In more wide-open terrain the 5u is a little faster on lap times, but honestly not by much. Prep costs are similar, initial purchase prices are not.


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Probably 1/2-1600 for initial buy in cost, would love to race 5u but I think 1600 will be better for me.