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Looking to get my daughter into a JR1

Just as the title says. My daughter has been bitten by the race bug as she just idolizes all the girls in the kart classes so my wife and I have made the decision that rather than let my daughter start racing her KTM 50, we would much rather see her in a kart. Caged and harnessed in beats thinking about how your 7yo daughter is going to make the hole shot and through the first turn. So, here goes.

We have been to several races and walked the pits and now that my wife in onboard with the idea, I am trying to see what is out there. We were originally thinking that a stock TrophyKart JR1 was the way to go until I realized that that a $7000 kart needs a ton of work to be ready to race and a race prepped one was $14k. We are now looking to see what you guys know of for a used one or even parts that are out there.

The most difficult part of this is the fact that I will not be here when she turns 8 and can get behind the wheel of a kart. I have to depend on my wife as many of us sailors in the Navy do while I am deployed for the next 10 months. Any help or advice that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We are pretty new to the kart racing idea and mainly have just taken dirt bikes and side by sides to the desert for fun. Now both her and my son (13yo) want to race.

We are not a poor family trying to do a rich kid sport (or hobby) but we do need to keep the spending to a manageable level. Any ideas you may have where we can get started or parts you may have laying around no longer needed would be great. My wife plans to be at the next Elsinore race with both our kids but I will have left by then so we would greatly appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or just advice.

See you at the track!!!!


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I have JR1 ready to race for sale. Please check PM for my contact info.

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I suggest you and any others that are thinking about getting into racing with a used kart only buy a kart that has been raced before, not one of the old stock karts. Hardesty's would be a great choice. Many will have some spare parts and maybe some safety gear included. Read the rulebook also on the karts, safety gear and spotter radios @ lucasoilregional.com Give me a call anytime, i have been involved with running the karts and races since they first started racing. Lee @ 951-233-2088
Wow...It is amazing how much support both from this forum and from questions sent to other team owners and companies supporting this sport. I honestly feel as I have chosen the right sport for my kids. I can't thank everyone enough for not only the information provided but with giving out phone numbers and being ready and willing to help.

Darren, thanks for all the info last night. I can't wait to see that kart put together. I hope it can happen before I deploy but if not, my wife can take care of anything.

Lee, thanks for the info. I have started to read up on the rules and understand that there is much more to racing a kart than just getting the kart and hopping in. My daughter doesn't turn 8 until late March so hopefully I can get her some good seat time before the season starts.

Again, thanks to everyone!! I think this is going to be much more enjoyable and much safer than our first idea of getting the kids into MX. Hope to see you all at the track soon!!

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We just started as well, the learning curve is steep but manageable. Our daughter is 10 and she loves racing the JR 1. Bought a good used raced kart, the rest is history. Big group of girls in the regional's and they stick together! Girl Power! If you need help please let us know, we would be more than willing to help.

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Regards, Danny 909-721-7091

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PEAKracing, I'm not sure how quickly you were looking to get started, but there are a couple Lucas Oil Regional races left this year. At the regional level we allow kids to begin racing before they are 8 years old. You may be able to see your daughter race before deployment? Hope this helps...


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I am also interested and was curious to jow much funds are needed per weekend. How much including track fees, parts, tires entry fees, practice fees, ect.