Looking to join a team


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hey community, I'm trying to jump in and get my hands dirty right away with desert racing. I have some mechanical background, am not a dummy, and learn fast. I currently work at Spacex so working hard and going balls to the wall is second nature to me. I live in long beach and am looking to join up/help a team in some of the upcoming races. I just volunteered at King of Hammers, but have not heard back yet. Who needs a hand, and when can I swing by to start?

For reference I've already been jumping the poop out of my 2020 JT, while also personally building it up. Current specs are Sport trim (not even S package), manual windows and locks, 6 speed trans, FOX 2.5 DCS's with 11in front/12in rear travel, FOX 2.0 IFP bump stops all 4 corners (did all the frame cutting and welding on my own), regeared to 4.56 (had a shop do that as I didnt have all the right equipment), and recently welded in the rock krawler pro-x cradle on the rear axle which eliminated the track bar. Here's a video of a jump I was testing out in Barstow (note the first time I did it I trashed the stock bump stops)