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Looking to supply hydration kits for Baja 1000


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I'm late to the game, but I hope this gets your attention. I am not selling anything - I am offering this for free.

We have a hydration system whereby a user pushes a button on the handlebars and water squirts in your mouth. No annoying tubes in your mouth. This kit integrates with your existing hydration pack. No poking holes in your helmet. While the system is currently designed for bikes, we can adapt to autos.

The system is wireless and the transmitter can run on 9v battery or wire harness to your vehicle 12v -16v battery. The pump module runs on 9v - 16v either AA or Li-ION. The system pumps 1liter/minute at the nozzle. Here are some more features:

2.4 GHz, 6x10^12 possible pairing combos, onboard surge suppression to 24v, EMI suppression, reverse polarity protection, signal redundancy for absolute perfect performance. One bike/transmitter can pair to your entire team of riders. Plus this can be used as "momentary" where it squirts as long as you hold the button, or set to burst mode where a single quick button press will squirt for 3-seconds, 4-seconds, or 5-seconds. And each rider burst mode is not impacted by anyone else burst mode setting.

Patent Pending. This was engineered and built from our own design - no cheap crap. This is not an experiment or a "beta" version. We are in Taiwan this week with manufacturers. We are discussing with distributers. I will bring to Ensenada enough kits to supply 2 teams or 11 individual riders.

I'll be in Ensenada on Nov 14. Please visit www.liquidaider.com and look at the feature list and see how to contact me. If I have violated any forum rules, Moderator, please let me know and feel free to remove this post.
Great idea! I think there is a huge market for your product.
Best of luck to you on your endeavor.


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So far in less than 24 hours, I have 3 auto teams and still looking for more. If you know a bike or ATV team that can use it, PLEASE share this information.


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Ha! I would like to get even a few votes for best new product at the finish line! Unfortunately we just don't have enough units left over to support this race like we would have liked.

Thanks for everyone's kind comments.


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If you are open for another auto team, we would love to try it.

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Please go to the website and email me from there. I’ll get back to you when I land later today. Thanks!