Looking to supply hydration kits for Baja 1000


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I posted this yesterday in the Desert Race forum but do not know how to get it to the bike forum other than to repost it. Sorry if that is not allowed. As of right now I have 3 auto teams lined up. I want a few bikes!

I'm late to the game, but I hope this gets your attention. I am not selling anything - I am offering this for free.

We have a hydration system whereby a user pushes a button on the handlebars and water squirts in your mouth. No annoying tubes in your mouth. This kit integrates with your existing hydration pack. No poking holes in your helmet. While the system is currently designed for bikes, we can adapt to autos.

The system is wireless and the transmitter can run on 9v battery or wire harness to your vehicle 12v -16v battery. The pump module runs on 9v - 16v either AA or Li-ION. The system pumps 1liter/minute at the nozzle. Here are some more features:

2.4 GHz, 6x10^12 possible pairing combos, onboard surge suppression to 24v, EMI suppression, reverse polarity protection, signal redundancy for absolute perfect performance. One bike/transmitter can pair to your entire team of riders. Plus this can be used as "momentary" where it squirts as long as you hold the button, or set to burst mode where a single quick button press will squirt for 3-seconds, 4-seconds, or 5-seconds. And each rider burst mode is not impacted by anyone else burst mode setting.

Patent Pending. This was engineered and built from our own design - no cheap crap. This is not an experiment or a "beta" version. We are in Taiwan this week with manufacturers. We are discussing with distributers. I will bring to Ensenada enough kits to supply 2 bike teams or 11 individual riders.

I'll be in Ensenada on Nov 14. Please visit www.liquidaider.com and look at the feature list and see how to contact me. If I have violated any forum rules, Moderator, please let me know and feel free to remove this post.


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I've just uploaded the instructions so any interested rider(s) can see if this would work for them.
BTW, not available now, but the production units will have a super-trick very narrow trigger button that can fit next to the grip on any crowded handlebar. The narrow button was designed and engineered to fulfil a request from one of the worlds top 5 extreme enduro riders that uses the system.

I'm still looking for a moto ironman or 2 to use the system in the Baja 1000. Or if you have a small team, please contact me and I'll do my best to support you.


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Sadly, I will not be in Baja this week. I am doing NORRA solo though if you still need testers by then.

I do have one question:

What happens if the unit fails, batteries run out etc? Is there a bypass to still get water from the pack while riding?


Tim Winder


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Tim I'll get back in touch after the Baja race this week. I want to stress that this is not being offered as a test and this is not an experimental or 'beta" version. I'd say 2 years ago, we were testing. Now we are just ramping up for production and I have some extra units available to give away. I wish I still had more! The production differences versus what we have now are minor except for the custom trigger button and Li-ION batteries.

As for your question, simply replace the batteries. But look at the specs in the instructions online and see that the trigger button can send the "pump-on" signal for 15+ hours straight on a single 9v battery (lithium). That is non-stop and equals 900 liters worth of water non-stop. The lithium batteries for the pump can keep that running non-stop for 6 hours continuously which equals 360 liters. These are very conservative numbers. They also represent non-stop pumping - which is not what happens when you use the system in a race. You have to decide, can I drink 360 liters of water in this race? If so, pack some extra batteries. I've simplified the electrical drain discussion, but we're not far off-track here.

As far as a mechanical problem, like you crash and somehow destroy any of the system, well, I crash and usually in spectacular fashion and never broke it or any part of it. Just the same, if you look at the instructions you see that we use quick connects to the bladder. Keep your original bladder tube with you (its light and compact right?) or use a simple tube we also give you. If your bladder does not use a quick-connect, we give you the part to make it quick-connect and you can simply alternate back and forth if you need/want to. But we have never seen a single failure - its all solid-state except for the button and the pump. I have had a few PCB boards that were dead after manufacturing, but we test each one and simply throw them out. That is pretty rare.

Thank you for contacting me and after this week, I'll be in touch about supporting NORRA.