LOORRS coverage on Speed - Two thumbs up


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Good coverage on Speed.

Maybe I'm in the minority but I like hearing the history of the trucks.

Note to Cameron Steele - it's Brasch-O, not Brasch-ow.

I liked the starting lineup graphics with the driver pictures.

Travis Coyne looked pretty good. I don't think I'd be too far off saying last year was a disappointment.


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i agree the coverage was awsome. covering 2 of the 3 big classes and the third a quick recap is way better than missing alot of action from all races.


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I agree it was great commentating and action for there 1st show.They seemed to move the camera's a little too quick to other action and not give you enough time to see the battles taking place. I would like to see less in car camera helmet shots and more camera's pointing out of the window frontwards or backwards. Other then that congratulations, great show!!!


Bobby Earl
Great show, especially that Unl. Lites race! Watched it before my race and it inspired me to go out and make it a re-run in round 3.


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Finally able to watch them today and boy did Lucas Studios step up and provide a GREAT show for the TV audience! Cant wait to watch Primm in 4 weeks!


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It was a great show but......

I know im being bias but honestly, our team did really good and we didnt get very much love at all. On Saturday Danny was leading the race for like four laps and they never really said anything, i mean come on First time unlimited-2 driver in a old truck running up front with the big boys is a good story and yet they showed Carl running in second.

Then on Sunday Scott in our other truck comes from last place and drives his way to 3rd spot and they never said a word about it. Then when jerry spun out and scott took over second they gave jerry the "move of the race" for getting back going and finishing third.

other then that it was awesome.


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I think this is the worst tv that our sport has had to date, the recap of the third class is a joke, people that lead the whole first half of the race were not even mentioned, there is definatly a couple of drivers that they talk about all the time even if they are not up front, and they only interviewed first place.