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Nice pictures.... Thank you for posting them.

The prerunning was so much fun. We went around the course a couple of times. Ran into Johnny Johnson out in the middle of nowhere trying to drag a cactus out of the desert... Stan Burns while driving my prerunner destroyed the Borla exhaust system... I hope his pre run with me helped his class 8 to the win. Congrats again Stanley Burns, Charlie and the team!!!!!!!!

My motor had issues right off the line (I havent run the car since its prep from after the 2007 baja 1000) Isla started off 30 seconds behind Kiki and me. He caught us within 6 minutes. I was pushing hard to catch him (as the motor picked up) and killed the motor while crossing one of the water crossings at full speed. Once going again, we were on him till the finish. Just couldnt catch him. Congrats Isla Racing! Great race. Tecate made a fortune off us all at the stadium, and at Stans garage. What a super fun week in Loreto.

I just got home to CA, and will post some of my prerun and fun pictures tomorrow. Thank you everyone that was there to make the event so much fun. Salud

Precepts... The new car... I hope I'll be running it instead of the prerunner at the MORE Chili Cook Off race next month.


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Great pictures!! Great job, especially in that heat!
Yes, I think that "El Mostro" is the old, rear engine lettner TT.
And congratulations to Tom Bird! Great job on his victory in 5-1600. He almost outperformed his great driving with his dog tricks during prize giving though....

A special congrats to Class 8 winner Stanley Burns. Great Job, and I pray I can keep his pace at his age. Stanley, you keep threatening that this was your last race... but somehow I think that we will see you next year.

Saludos from la paz
Andrea Tomba