Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro Justin Morgan ISDE fundraiser


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Wow, that's a long thread title...

Yes I know this isn't the dirt bikes section, but we all know there are a LOT of buggy & truck racers that also race motos. Plus this is time sensitive for a GREAT CAUSE.

Here's your chance to race (or ride) the World famous Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro !

2017 Baja 500 OverAll moto winner JUSTIN MORGAN will be representing the Stars & Stripes at this years ISDE in France.

We (BajaBoundMoto.com / DP Racing / Los Ancianos MC) are holding an EBay auction to help offset some of the expense. EVERY CENT will go directly to Justin.


This is a GUARANTEED ENTRY , RACE BIKE , and 2 NIGHTS at Hacienda Santa Veronica Hotel!

Entries WILL SELL OUT THE SAME DAY THEY OPEN. So BID on the sure thing!

Entry - GUARANTEED - $125 value IF you're lucky enough to get one before they sell out.
Bike - GUARANTEED - $ ? value, but not many people loan out bikes to trash in Tecate single track.
Rooms - GUARANTEED - $180 value BUT they're already SOLD OUT.

Oh yeah, we're also selling T-shirts like in the pic to help Justin!
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