Los Ancianos Tecate Sprint Enduro


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Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club did not disappoint in their annual moto event outside Tecate, Baja, this past Saturday where they introduced their inaugural version of a Sprint Enduro, but in the backwoods southeast of Rancho Santa Veronica. The club designed 3 different loops: Mountain Trail, Enduro, and Grass with varying mileages. Each rider would ride all three loops twice, with the 6 cumulative times (shortest) judging the winner. Each rider was assigned a "key time" for each of the 6 loops, and it was all about speed.

Nothing harshly technical, but free flowing through the Baja outback. All 3 loops started at the same time, riders at 15 second intervals, with all 3 start/finishes within spitting distance, and was literally a 3-ring circus, which provided awesome spectating.

On top of that, an ample 40-50 minutes was provided to the riders between each test section for riders to rest, work on bikes, and socialize with other riders. It was an overwhelming success. Riders raved about the fun they had, the challenging loops, and the diverse format.

Top Ten:
1 - Ivan Ramirez
2 - Justin Morgan
3 - Kyle Redmond
4 - Noah Kepple
5 - Eric Yorba
6 - Michael DelFante
7 - Kale Elworthy
8 - Sammy Montalban
9 - Dustin McCarthy
10 - Kevin DeJongh

I'm sure lots of photos out there, here are a few to start. Great Job, Los Ancianos!

The Start line of one of the loops

The infamous "Grass Loop"

Backwoods Baja

2nd Place OA Justin Morgan tearing up the silt

Photo cred: Los Ancianos MC, Hermes Angeles


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THE raddest event I've been to in many years! Also pretty happy with my own performance considering I don't really "race" much anymore.


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All I heard were good things. Sounded like an awesome event.