Lost Dog near Hinkley CA


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Mar 30, 2004
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Cross posting this from a hunting forum.


Was out there near end of Hinkley Rd. by Opal Mountain and at about 11pm on Friday night my 8 month old lab mix ran off. Of course we scoured the hills, no luck. About 6 miles from those homes on Hinkley Rd. My g/f came out with flyers she made and we put them out all over, she is extremely distraught.

I believe Chukar and Dove season opens 10/20 out there.

Here is what I need:

Does anyone know what heavily watched forums out there exist where I can post up to make any potential hunters going out there aware to look for either my dog or his remains and please contact me if you find them? of course I would love him found alive, but I think if a hunter finds him a week from when he is lost, outlook is slim.


Of course, we have flyers up, spoke to neighbors, posted at the market, the church, middle school, all shelters, BLM, rescue services, craigslist, etc. We are offering a $1,000 reward too, so I think if someone finds him, they'll want to get him back to us. My girl is such a sweet chick, she went out and created a FB page for him and all. Hey, every bit can help, right? cant say it would hurt. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-...41629025872696


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