LOST WHEEL @ Terrible's 250

Lost a spare this morning. Labeled "1811 FINKE"

Thanks in advance!
RUMORED to be between MM 41 and the finish. Thanks!
Thank You, Cory!! You are truly a gentleman and a scholar of off road racing!!! And hats off to Team Staat and RDC as well!!!
JROD, Cory,

This is NoBrakes. Not Lee. I think we finished third. I always figure we did GREAT if we can drive the car back onto the trailer. I'll take this opportunity to give kudos to Team Staat, Cory and RDC!!!


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Hey there, this is Emily Staats. We were following you in the morning race and watched your spare come off the back of your buggy at race mile 10. We went back that night to look for a flat we changed in the same spot and figured we would find yours too! We did not find our wheel. So, if anyone found them...we are looking for two Trail Ready wheels (polished with red rings) with flat tires. One was around race mile 8-9 and the other was at rm 62-63. We would love to have them back.

Many thanks again to you and Team Staat! That's the first time we have had one returned. I hope your kindness and consideration will be returned in the recovery of your wheels. Good luck!