Lost Wingman

Kent Kroeker

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Yesterday my co-driver was killed.

Jeremy Graczyk was a lifelong friend and sat right seat for me in the last two Baja 1000s. He was part of General Tire and our KORE brotherhood.

He was one of the Marines covered in blood, lying in broken glass, helping James Lamb survive the accident the night before the 1000 last year.

For those who didn’t know him personally, I’m going to attempt to outline who he was. Jeremy Graczyk was a hero, a GREAT AMERICAN, the best of the best – the smartest, boldest, and brightest America has to offer.

After graduating from the Naval Academy he went Marines - so he could fight. I met him when we were serving at 3rd BN 7th Marines together. He was always FULL THROTTLE – he did it all: Jump, HALO, Combat Diver, Sniper School, MMA instructor. He was a Company Commander and Force Recon Platoon Commander. He led Marines in battle, got blown up by IEDs in Iraq, took fire from Taliban in the FATA – hosed the blood of his Marines out of HUMMWVs and went back to combat. For the last several years he had been operating outside the common theaters – risking his life, wearing a beard and long hair because he was working in countries where any citizen will simply kill you for being an American.

Last year we had to run the intercom in our Class 8 at full volume because he had been in so many gunfights he was losing his hearing.

He and I climbed the East Face of Whitney one winter, slept in a huddle on the summit with no bivy gear, making Gay Chicken jokes all night, trying to survive sub-zero temps at 14,500’. We climbed the face of El Capitan in Yosemite and SCUBA dove caves in the South China Sea. He surfed in Nicaragua, climbed in Patagonia and kicked ass everywhere he went.

Riding dirt bikes with me in Baja and racing on our team was just an extension of everything else he was.

Jeremy Graczyk was the gnarliest dude I ever met.

He died yesterday, BASE jumping the North Face of the Eiger.

On his wing-suit was embroidered, “Live Free or Die!”


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Needless to say all of us at Team KORE are in a state of shock right now. The only comfort I can find at times like these is simply knowing that he went out doing the stuff that he loved doing, and that stuff was rad. Jeremy was a pretty amazing blend of not only skills, muscle, and courage, but also generosity and kindness. You are a true operator mi amigo.


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I really hate hearing when a good man dies, but it sounds like he was doing what he loved and that can be comforting at times like this. Really sorry to hear you lost a good friend Kent. My condolences to you and his family.


The Godfather
much respect to jeremy and my condolances my thoughts prayers are there for freinds and family


Captain Backpack

Im at a loss of words ...

Im very sorry for your loss. Jeremy is a hero and full blown bad ass, the man's man, the man that men want to be ....

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and everybody who Jeremy has so deeply touched.

Adam Gunn


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Krokus, I am stunned. Deepest condolences to Jeremy's family and the KORE team.

Yes, he was one badass mo-fo and epitomized "hero." He passed doing what he loved doing.

Vaya con Dios, Jeremy.

Semper Fi.

Seve/DP Racing


Thoughts and prayers are with you guys from all of PMC Racing. Sounds like he was the true definition of a BAMF. I wish I would have been able to say I knew him, but your story says enough, sounds like someone that would stop at nothing to help someone out. Sorry for your loss Kent.



GODSPEED Jeremy! Condolences to Kent, Zambie, Jeremy's family/friends and everyone that had the pleasure of meeting him.


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Sorry for yours and this countries loss Kent. Jeremy sounds like one hell of a hero and a man that everyone would have been fortunate to have met and known. RIP Jeremy.

Dirtracer 619

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I met you guys last Baja 1K at a gas station on your way down,

God speed Jeremy Graczyk

Eugene Landstrom


Crayola Killer
There are no words........Godspeed. Much respect going out to the guys who risk their lives for our freedom.....


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God Speed Jeremey, Thank you for your service. It would have been an honor to know you. Kent, sorry for your loss.

Anger Issues

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Sounds like he lived life to the fullest!! I hope we all go doing something we love. My dad went fishing, of all things. Enjoy your memories with what sounds like a hell of a bro. Better than sitting in a rest home. God-speed Jeremy!!


Sorry for the loss of Jeremy Graczyk ..... he sounds like he was an exciting, giving person -- God Speed Brother