Lost Wingman


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The words you typed Kent are fantastic, real touching. Best wishes to all his buds, family, and the KORE team. Truly sorry for your loss.


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God speed sorry for your loss


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Celebrate his life .. he would want that.. his spirit has touched you guys and it will live on with you... His spirit should lead you through this tough time..



My condolences for you Kent, your team and Jeremy's family.


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Sorry for yours and this countries loss Kent. Jeremy sounds like one hell of a hero and a man that everyone would have been fortunate to have met and known. RIP Jeremy.
Well said


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Total bummer. The world needs more Heros like Jeremy, not less of them. Glad to hear he died doing something that he not only loved, but that is also truly amazing in its own right. Flying humans are really something to marvel at.

I feel for you Kent, Zam, and the entire KORE family. Just reading what Kent had to say back after the 1000 accident, made me idolize them the way you would any action hero from a favorite flick, only they were/are the real deal!

Godspeed Jeremy!!


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Sorry for your loss and it's so fitting for that Bad Ass American Hero to go out on his terms and not get hit crossing the street or slipping on a banana peel.

Rock On, BAAH! Team America!


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Sorry to hear about this. I'm among those who never met him, but it's obvious we all lost a great human being.


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Vaya con dios!


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Sounds like an awesome man. Sorry for your loss, thanks for all he did for our country and godspeed.


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Sounds like an outstanding man, as well as an amazing example and hero!

GodSpeed Jeremy! Prayers and best wishes to his family and many friends!

This world need MORE men like Jeremy, not fewer!


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My deepest condolences go out to you and his friends and family..so tragic to hear..
So touching to read that small insert of what you shared with us..
Lots of prayers and thoughts going your wayy..


Crane Motorsports
Kent, I am sorry for your loss, as well as your teams' lose and all the families. My condolences.

randy s

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mar y sol racing is very sorry and offers condolences...