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Ok, here's a question. I have an 73 4x4 chevy w/ a Dana 44 straight axle. I have plenty of tire clearance w/ stock springs for 35's w/ my fiberglass. My question is, how can i get the front lower w/ out sacraficing to much travel. I am not satisfied w/ the height the truck sits and would like to get a lower CG. I have thought about moving the springs under the axle but am not sure of the results. I am possibly getting air bumps for it and was wandering if anyone had any experience w/ these old chevys and how much up travel i should be satified w/. Thank you in advance for any advice you might have.

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Watch the oil pan to axle clearance.

I used to have a straight axle Toyota 4x4 with 5" of compression travel at ride height. I too wanted to go spring under but i chose not too because it seemed the oil pan would be an issue. As long as you limit the travel you should be ok.

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With that truck I think you hit the engine cross memeber b4 you hit the oil pan. Crawler types with that vintage truck have taken to building new cross members for more travel. This could be only when you convert to cross-over steering though.
Biggest issue those trucks have is that the stock spring was a reverse arch, so if you truly use all of the room that is there you will be reversing the springs. If spring life is important to you, going spring under will be the way you want to go.


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