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There is not much difference lq4 makes 300hp I believe and the lq9 makes 345hp due to a higher compression ratio. Other than that same engine.


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Notable Features:
The 6.0L LQ9 is a more powerful evolution of the LQ4, developed for Cadillac's luxury sport utility vehicles. It features increased power output achieved primarily through the use of LQ9-specific: flat-top pistons, rods, crank, and beefier pushrods that increase the compression ratio from 9.4:1 (for the LQ4) to 10.0:1. The block and heads are common with the LQ4.
Originally referred to as the “Vortec H.O. 6000”, in 2006 the LQ9 was renamed the “Vortec MAX” to underscore its being the most powerful light duty V8 in GM’s truck line at that time. The 2006+ engine “vanity” cover displays new “Vortec MAX” badging.

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Only difference is compression ratio caused by flat top lq9 vs dished lq4 Pistons. Not worth buying if you plan on putting new pistons in.