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On Topic LS Swap into Chevy 1500 Cost?


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I was wondering how much some of you guys guys paid to LS swap your trucks, and what trannies you paired them with. I know there's no set price, but I figute there a general range for prerunners.

If you guys have any other info that would help too. Thanks!

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You can pre run a rental, or you can have one built.

If you have to ask what it costs, you can't afford either.

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Just finished with an LS swap into my truck and there's MANY factors that come into the overall cost of an LS Swap, are you using a junk yard engine/trans or you ordering from GM or having an engine shop build you stroker motor? What's the plans for the trans? It can be done for as little as 10k up to 40k depending on what parts your using

If it matters I went with a crate LS3 with a 4L85 trans from GM


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Mmm... Ol'Curmudeon, living up to his name once again...

@aiiraciing- I'd pull an LS and paired transmission outta whatever high-performance Chevy I can find. Found that the average on Ebay for those setups is ~6000. Most of them are older rear-ended Corvettes and some Camaros. I'd keep whatever transmission came with them.

as for GBRacer- Thank you for the valuable input. It is much appreciated. I value your advice and expertise.

In all seriousness, however, GBRacing: Go look at the classifieds, and figure out how many people on this forum are selling their prerunners with swapped engines and trannies. That, and go search up the 1450 Sportsman class, and look at what trucks they run. (Do they look like full-on race trucks?)

The reason I asked here is because the members provide desert racing information and help better than any Chevy truck forum. The LS swap is a huge part of prerunner builds, trophy trucks, and buggies.

Thank you for providing useful info, aiiraciing. Appreciate it!

(not trying to start a forum fight. just trying to learn here.)


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We understand, it's just our version of fun... A lot of fly by nighters come through here talking a lot of talk, then poof they're gone.... Carry on...