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New 9 motor and trans.
1. What engine and trans lubricants are working.
2. Do you recommend synthetic or petroleum based?
3. What brands?
4. In addition, what grease should I use on the front end and steering box, etc?
5. Is anti-seize recommended on the SAW torsion bar splines?


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More of my experience....

In the engine I use Valvoline Racing SAE 50. No complaints.

In the transmission, I am now using Valvoline 85w-90 NON-synthetic. If you want to know why I switched from the "Durablend", ask Joe Sheble how that 1st place trophy looks from the last Rocky Point Race!!! Some transmission builders recommend "Swepco" 201 or 203. I would use it, but I can't get it where I live. Others swear by Amsoil synthetic. I have been told that the gears love the synthetic, but the ring and pinion needs the natual. There's a million opinions on this issue. My experience with the Durablend is probably unique, and I won't say it's a bad fluid. I just won't use it anymore.

For the "actual" recommendation on what to use in the rack, contact Saco or Wright. See what they say. I just use whatever is in the gun.

I have always used anti-seize on all my suspension assembly. Never a problem. I would be interested to hear what anybody else's experiences are with this.

Let's hear some more!!!!