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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series makes fuel injection an option for Pro 2 and Pro 4 in 2017


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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series makes fuel injection an option for Pro 2 and Pro 4 in 2017

CORONA, California (September 30, 2016) – Ritchie Lewis, the director of The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series presented by GEICO, announced today that fuel injection will be an option for teams in the Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes in 2017.

“Officials and teams in all racing disciplines are looking into fuel injection for the future and we want to give our teams an opportunity to test it extensively under race conditions and give us their feedback,” Lewis said.

Lewis emphasized that all the teams in Pro 2 and Pro 2 have the option of using either fuel injection or carburetors in 2017 and the series at this point has no plans to phase out carburetors.

LOORRS rule book Section PTR-25 Fuel Injection within the Pro 2 and Pro 4 Classes has been amended with the regulations for the 2017 season.

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Just read through the rules...

The rule change is a step in the right direction. But, I'm not sure if they, didn't limit it to much. With only one option, it severely handcuffs the engine builders.

It's a start, I hope they open it up a little in the future. I'm curious, as to much these rules will save teams money, or will it become more expensive, without additional options.

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It's not too different than how they are doing it in Cup. There is still a fixed curve/program in the ECU but they are a bit more flexible with the other components. IIRC the only spec sensor is the O2 and there is a spec throttle body. The other sensors AFAIK are not mandated nor is the loom. Indycar is similar. The builders then build around the fuel delivery package. It's likely to be a different approach than what those that aren't building ECU based engines are using. I had the same sort of change when I went from stock cars (spec carb/stock intake) to sports cars (stock everything with few, tight mods). There are still ways to cheat'em up enhance the performance relative to others using the same package. o_O These days I'll take EFI over a carb for racing any day of the week, even with the learning curve.