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On Topic Lucas regionals at wheatland?

Twisted Fabworx

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Just curious who would be interested in participating if it were made possible... I know they plan for making this happen in the future but I want to see if it can happen as early as next year and get everyone building this winter. I finished my mini stock and brought it out to the races and seemed like there was a ton of interest in sportsman classes..

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Build it and they will come. The hard and expensive part is done.
It should catch on. Wish you all the best.


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I would recommend to start or find a MidWest Regional ShortCourse Racing Facebook Group which will help you expose more people in the area to the concept and opportunity.

PDANK Racing

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I'd be interested in hauling down to race if there was a spring or fall event. Finding time during our season wouldn't be easy, but about a month before or after would be doable. Weather should be better too.