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Lucas schedule


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Now that the 2019 schedule is out are there any rule changes ? I like the way they set it up where drivers can race both midwest and west if they want to.

CYS Motorsports

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It appears the Midwest will have a 5th Sportsman only weekend at Dirt City in Lena.

On the contrast, look at out west. They have more weekends, but look at all the single day events. They only have 9 rounds of racing at this point.
Hopefully more than a couple of teams turn out for both series...or at least the reduction in events out West enables everyone to have the budget to race the 50th in Crandon.

Also noticed that Utah is off the west coast schedule. Would be curious if the single day format is really helping the teams out at all, financially.

Vision Hype

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The single day event is not helping out the teams financially. Still pretty much same travel and accommodation costs. Save a bit on parts and wear items but is not a big enough difference to be worth it.

It does save HUGE money on the promoters side though. Only 1 night of security, lights, staff, etc.

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Need to get more sponsors involved so teams can race both east and west. Easier said than done but need to find away. Pro4 is hurting in the midwest and would be cool if the west would run both.

PDANK Racing

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Surprised that wheatland isn't on the midwest schedule. Midwest teams raced there in 2008, some guys went down earlier this year for the KCORR event. It is pretty awesome to have the schedule out already.

Vision Hype

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Not the way Lucas does things. One less day is bump in the road.
Must be a huge bump then. For example, lights alone are around $25k/night, plus staff, security, accommodations, hospitality, track rental/prep, etc. knocking a night off is saving them in the triple digits per weekend. Lucas is putting on the races for content for TV. All they need is one really cool night of racing for the content. Notice all single weekend races are night races because it looks amazing under the lights for TV. If they do a double header weekend it is always a day race and also at a track where they either own or have the rights to. Do this cuts down HUGE costs on Lucas’s end. Lucas is not in the business of putting on “races” they are in the business of putting on “shows” just like NFL/NHL/MLB/Etc.

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I’m beginning to wonder if Lucas Oil, is reducing costs on the Motorsports marketing side...they recently (at least it looked like) they sold the Lucas Oil Modified Pavement Series, to SRL. Still the presenting sponsor...which is a whole lot cheaper, than owning.

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