LUCAS "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" Arizona Highlights


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nice video, excellent editing, and wonderfully appropriate music. How did you get the chipmunk to act for you?

Sergio Leone called from Italy, he likes your video, but says you have to change the title, though.


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OMG!!! I love your soundtrack!!! Makes me want to run to Blockbuster and grab up some spaghetti westerns!! ;) So glad to see your vids again!!


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Another amazing piece of work.

Mary Kay

you rock steve;)

Dirtworks Films

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Absolutely amazing...



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Great vid!!! can't wait to see the Crandon movie.


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Bumps, Bumps, and more Bumps! Way cool, I have emailed the Vimeo link to everyone I know, that film sums it all up!

E&S Racing

Great video. Loved it. Good job once again Steve...


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Awesome Vid.. Has that Great Outdoors feel.. I loved the transition from RC car to Real Racing.. and Music was 100%.. can't say enough.. WOW!


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This guy is GOOD!!! love the way you shot and edit, it all just has a great feel to it! cant wait to see more videos like this, and i really cant wait to purchase a copy of Crandon when it comes out.:D


Bobby Earl
Not bad for a one man band, film, produce and edit. Typically Steve has at least 2 cameras, in car cameras and Creighton, so considering he was flying solo in Phx., its a pretty sweet video that captured the vibe of the showdown in the desert.


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Sweet Video!!! Soundtrack, effects, slow mo, etc.
We have the Warren Miller of Off Road in our presence....:)