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M.D.R. T-Shirts


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Does anybody know the name or phone number of the company that does the t-shirts out at the M.D.R. races? They are usually at tech. I specifically wanted to get the shirt from this years Wild Wash 250 because my old 10 car was on it. Any info would be great.



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No, John, you're absolutely right. As usual. Ha ha! DesertRacer...email patricia at mdrracing@aol.com or call her and I'm sure she'll put you in touch with them.

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Mick & Sandi Newton, Snortin Nortin T Shirts, 520-669-2580. Maybe the area code changed (Parker, AZ), but they are definitely the ones that come out there. In case the racers didn't know, if you send them a picture of your vehicle they will use it on the shirts. Been there, done that, they are real good people. Hope that helped.



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Area code here in parker has changed to 928, but the rest of the number should still be good. I believe they will be at the expo as well.